Dairy: Spain ♥

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Hello lovelies! As you may have noticed, I have been inactive on this blog for a while. The end of June was really hectic as it was filled with exams and deadlines. Fortunately, stressful June was followed by a lovely and relaxing July, where I restored my energy levels on Costa Brava, in Spain! People who follow me on Instagram probably have seen a few photos of my journey already, but I will share some interesting moments of my vacation for you who haven’t seen anything yet!


I was staying at a camping located in l’Estartit for two weeks. One thing I love about a camping is that you are spending much more time outside. Something I forget to do when I am at home. On one of the first days I visited Pals, a town near l’Estartit with a picturesque old city center. For diner we went to a restaurant with a beautiful view.
The picture on the right is taken in l’Estartit. There was a lovely frozen yogurt shop which I couldn’t resist haha!


During the first week we went on a boat trip along the beautiful coast line of the Costa Brava where we saw some beautiful rots and caves!


On Sunday 23th of July I visited the Dalí museum in Figueres together with my dad. I have not visited such an awesome museum before! I would highly recommend a visit to this place if you have the possibility to do so, especially if you are interested in art.


In the second week I went to Begur. What a lovely city! Of course, you can’t leave Spain without eating some tapas and drinking some sangria haha.


But the most impressive city was by far Girona! Honestly, I didn’t really expect anything from this city beforehand, but that enlarged my surprise even more. While walking through the old city center I noticed a few stores selling Game of Thrones merchandise. However, I did not think much behind this. Until I saw a spot in an old building where you could take a picture with the throne, I finally noticed that a part of the series was recorded in Girona. How cool is that! Furthermore, I visited both the cathedral and the basilisk. Oh, and of course I couldn’t resist taking a look in the Stradivarius. Oops.


Unfortunately, after two lovely weeks it was time to return home. On the picture above you can see my new leather bag I got from my parents as a souvenir. I am in love with it!
I had a great time in Spain. After visiting the country six times, it has become one of my favorites.


What are your favorite summer break spots? 



4 thoughts on “Dairy: Spain ♥

  1. I didn’t had the time and chance to do any trip in this summer:(….but I felt happy after I read this post, thanks for sharing your happiness!

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