Playlist: Time to chill

Incense .JPG

Once in a while I just need to take some time to zone out and do completely nothing. Sometimes life can be really hectic with school, parties, family and so on. Usually I will hang on my couch, or if the weather allows it outside, burn some incense and listen to some relaxing music.

I have collected five of my favorite “escapism” albums for you for when you want to turn on relaxation mode. (Spoiler alert: They’re all singer-songwriters. Coincidence?)


7 Layers by Dotan

120746_dotan-7-layersWhen you are Dutch, this album is probably already familiar to you. After the success of the song “Home” (It has been played on Dutch radio stations like crazy) I came in touch with the rest of his music, and I still love to play it from time to time. The Dutch singer-songwriter released his second album in 2014. The percussive and soft acoustic guitar strum used in his songs are creating a cozy, trusty atmosphere.


Hozier by Hozier


If you have never heard of the song “Take me to church”, where have you been in 2015? I had to add this album to this list, as I still listen to it too frequently. The music sounds a little bit more dark and heavy than the previous one. I personally find this album great for reading.


Every Kingdom by Ben Howard 


Campfires, fireflies and acoustic music. That is what comes to my mind when I think of this album. It is really easy to the ear, which I personally enjoy. I will listen to this when I am laying down outside in the sun. Warning: this music may increase your desire for long summer nights on the beach.


Wax Wings by Joshua Radin


I have to admit, I can’t listen to this every day. However, when I am in the mood for Wax Wings, it always increases my mood. The music has a lighthearted and sweet ambiance to it. I always used to listen to this album on those times when I was hopelessly in love!


Songs to Soothe by Jacqueline Govaert 


The only female singer on this list! This album is more up-tempo compared to the ones listed above and offers a variation of welcoming, comforting songs. I especially like the presence of the piano and can we just take a minute to embrace her awesome hair?

How do you like to deal with daily stress? Also, if you have any recommendations, I would love to know. And remember, take your break from time to time!

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